Individual ” Talk” Therapy 

Individual Therapy is a general term for helping to improve behavioral health by talking with a IHCS Behavioral psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health provider; another term for this is “talk therapy.”

Individual therapy occurs in sessions between an individual patient and one of our licensed professionals whether onsite or through telehealth. Universally, individual therapy exists to help patients deal with issues that may be bothering them in their life. These issues can include but are certainly not limited to, anxiety, depression, alcohol or drug addictions, the death of a loved one, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and more. There are also many factors that can impact the success of individual therapy. All in all, countless benefits are associated with individual therapy, although no two patients, situations, or sessions are exactly alike.

For more information on Talk Therapy Program or other IHCS Behavioral services, feel free to call 561-899-9140 and an Intake Coordinator will be happy to take your call and direct you to the appropriate department.

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