National Nutrition Month; It’s Time for Fresh Fruits and Veggies


National Nutrition Month; It's Time for Fresh Fruits and Veggies

National Nutrition Month® is an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign, celebrated each year during the month of March, focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

Just in time for National Nutrition Month it is time for fresh fruits and vegetables to hit the market and for Registered Dietitian Carolyn O’Neil to provide some timely tips for improving your diet.

“I would recommend starting with foods that give you that win–win of taste and health, and of course they should be easy and on the go so they fit into your lifestyle,” said O’Neil. “I think a great example of this is these wonderful bars; Bob’s Better Bars and what I like about them is that they are rich and satisfying because they offer up to seven grams of protein and a good source of fiber so they keep you feeling fuller longer. Their made with beautiful ingredients like whole grain oats, peanut butter and organic honey and they come in five different flavors and are inspired by founder Bob Moore’s family recipes. Stash them anywhere, your gym bag , kids lunch bag, in your car or take them when your traveling. On a nutrition note the bars are soy, gluten and dairy free.”

“A snack is really a mini-meal and should do something good for you! Also, we want it to be so quick & easy, that you can eat on the go. A great example of that is new from Campbell’s the Well Yes! Sipping Soups. They are easy, on-the-go vegetable-based snack packed with twenty percent or more of your daily vegetable servings – all for under 200 calories. You don’t use spoons, just pop them in the microwave for one minute and let them cool a bit and sip and go. They really are delicious with five different flavors. One of my favorites is the Tomato & Sweet Basil. You really don’t need to heat it up its great at room temperature. But other flavors that might appeal to you; Harvest Carrot & Ginger, Sweet Corn & Roasted Poblano, Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato, Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato. It’s a way to add more vegetables to your daily diet. A great source of fiber, vegetarian, non-GMO and no artificial colors or flavors.”

“Everyone is to cut down on salt these days it is so important. A think a little squeeze of lemon, some fresh herbs and remember to roast those vegetables so you don’t have to add much salt and they will taste great so everyone is happy and healthy.”



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