Letter from CEO

On behalf of our Board, My Team and myself, I thank you for visiting us. Integrated Healthcare Systems has been serving Palm Beach County since 2004. I am enthusiastic about our future, despite several challenges along the way. I have always believed deeply that healthcare is everyone’s right and access to high quality healthcare care is our mission.
Long before social determinants of health became a buzz word in healthcare, Integrated focused on addressing those issues, working to prevent, homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness disparities, and numerous other issues that impacts our community health and healing.
Our history speaks for itself, starting as an Emergency Housing program, adding behavioral health and social services, and eventually adding comprehensive Primary Healthcare services all to meet the needs of our members. A few name changes over the years, from Alpha Omega Alliance, Changes Wellness Center, and now Integrated Healthcare Systems, with a focus on community, service and the highest standards in care, Integrated has been and continues to be an accredited Joint Commission Accredited and Behavioral Health Home agency.

Our mission from the start was to be the voice of behavioral and primary healthcare services, so that our community is the embodiment of what healthy looks like in our future. Our integrated model in healthcare, offers a holistic approach to care delivery, eliminates the gaps in healthcare issues and allows our team of professionals to address and support the Mental, Behavioral Health and Wellbeing of our members in their Medical Home, all by boosting their chances to improve their health outcomes. We are here when you need us, your one stop Point of Care service. Ready to be your Ally in health and life.

We believeIt is our calling & commitment to provide our members, partners and community with high-quality Integrated Healthcare services within a secure, therapeutic environment so that our members can reach their full potential. We rise to every challenge, to ensure that each member with complicated problems and limited placement options, are welcome with solutions and not addition problems. Our programs have succeeded where others have failed because we understand that learning new strategies to cope with problems can be difficult and even frightening, especially with limited to no resources or support.

We are honored to be the service provider of behavioral health, primary health and permanent supportive housing, for those whose life experiences have brought them to us while in need of the special help we can provide. Thank you to of our members, partners, donors, grantors and investors who have entrusted our mission and vision over the years, without your donations, and commitment we would NOT BE! But, there is still so much for us to do, and there are still so many individuals lacking safe and secure housing, behavioral health and primary care services, due to no insurance or financial instability, please continue to help IHCS, by being a Big Brother or Big Sister sponsor – and sponsor one of our members. Please go to our Donate Page!


Monique D Brown-Faust

Chief Executive Officer.

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